"The Giant and lost Man (Circle Series)"

10 Giant and little man surrounded by buildings drawings

9 x 9in - 2013-2014

"The Morton Feldman Series"

14 Vertical Hand and Building Drawings

9.5 x 22in - 2016

"The Giants Series" Large Scale Drawing Series

6ft x 4ft - 2015- 2017

"Giants in the Sky"

3 small drawings

8 x 11in - 2015

"Home" and "Planes" 

2 little stories

3/8x10in & 16x23in - 2010


3 small individual drawings 

8 x 10in - 2008

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The Giant and the Lost Man

Special Edition Watches by ART WATCH GALLERY

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Sky Drawing 3

Pencil on lightweight paper 8x11 in