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Successions Poster 3.jpg


Years of production: 2020/24

Running Time: 43min

Color / Sound / Music

A film by Elliot STOREY

Production, Camera, Sound, Editing, Music and Sculptures by Elliot STOREY.

Succession(s) is a seasonal meditation on body and soul in our current urban and environmental context.
A woman awakes to a dance and is followed by two characters, a cityman and a singer who seem to be different facets of this dancer.
Four minaret sculptures in the future reminisce on the seasons through song.
Four other sculptures act as totems of the seasons.
The film uses a dreamlike musical chamber flow to build up to a final song where everyone and thing comes together.
Succession(s) acts also as a codex to a series of films already produced over the last decade by Elliot Storey: RECONCILIATION, CONFESSIONS and THE LOVERS.



Lucia Flexer-Marshall

George Storey

Amandine Bontemps

Shot on location in:


Watermill Studios, France

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