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Year of production: 2014-15

Running Time: 1h16min

Color / Sound / Music


First Feature Length Film, Part I of planned trilogy.

Written, produced & directed by Elliot STOREY

Executive Producers: Alexander VIDRAS & Philip VIDRAS

Co-Producer: Joyce Lanxin ZHAO

Director of Photography: Jean-Baptiste LEMERCIER




Rebecca Quinn ROBERTSON - ROSE


Lutz RATH - Cellist

Alexandra GOULLIER LHOMME - Cellist Partner Male

Dorothy LAM - Cellist Partner Male / Lead Singer

Sandra MOENS - Rose Lead Dancer Anxiety

Jim COUTURIER - Paul Lead Dancer Anxiety

Flora SCHIPPER - Rose Lead Dancer Anxiety

Keran BARBOZA - Hat Bearer Anxiety

Caroline BIZIEN - Hat Bearer Anxiety

Sylvain Le FALHER - Hat Bearer Anxiety

Christian GOMET - Extra Anxiety

Auguste HAZEMANN - Extra Anxiety

Marie-Stella KONIAN - Hat Bearer Anxiety

Gillian LUN - Hat Bearer Anxiety

Margaux MAEGHT - Extra Anxiety / Paul & Rose support

Louise MORA - Hat Bearer Anxiety

Nathalie RIPPERT - Extra Anxiety

Vanessa SCHÖNWALD - Hat Bearer Anxiety / for Rose 6 / Despair

Rudolph SUMAC - Extra Anxiety

James TAYLOR - Hat Bearer Anxiety

Marie VEYET - Extra Anxiety

Camille GUENA - Hat Bearer for ROSE 1

Diana MEDINA - Hat Bearer for ROSE 2

Natalie NUDELL - Hat Bearer for ROSE 3

Julie RICH - Hat Bearer for ROSE 4

TOYA - Hat Bearer for ROSE 5

Chase BOLNICK - Gabriel

Masha AFONINA - Paul & Rose support

Christina BLUE - City Hands / Heavy Breathing Lover / Hat Bearer Despair

Michelle CADY - City Hands / Heavy Breathing Lover

Ira DAE YOUNG - City Hands / Heavy Breathing Lover

Caitlin THURGOOD - City Hands / Heavy Breathing Lover / Hat Bearer Despair

Vivake KHAMSINGSAVAH - Paul Lead Dancer Despair

Suzana STANKOVICH - Rose Lead Dancer Despair

Madeline JAFARI - Dancer Despair

Alissa LAZARO - Dancer Despair 

Jessica MYERS - Dancer Despair

Florient CADOR - Dancer Despair

Brian C JONES - Dancer Despair

Patrick NEEDHAM - Dancer Despair

Andrea WALKER - Dancer Despair

Briannagh DENNEHY - Gabriel Despair

Simona DI TUCCI - Rose Lead Dancer Joy

Alessandro PELLICANI - Paul Lead Dancer Joy

Daniel & De Ana PRICE - Gabriel Joy

Marc MITTLEMAN - Guide 1 Joy

V.B.RAO - Guide 2 Joy

Axel VENTURA - Hat Bearer Joy

Production Sound Mixers


Sound Design by


All Dance Choreographies were made in collaboration between Elliot Storey and the Dancers who brought in much of their own personalities.

Dialogs based on extracts from poems by Louis Simpson with ornements by Elliot Storey.

Mum & Dad

Gabriel & Georges Storey

Gerard & Mary Storey

Annie King

Billy Winter

Manuel Herreño

Yon Qui & Maria Gundestrup-Larsen

Eider Joe Salazar Tobon & Luisa Vargas

Sarah Maeght

Perrine Chic

Loïc Sitti

Yann Toma

Caroline & Cyrille Troubetzkoy

Nicola L

Richard Ledes

Fabrice de Rohan-Chabot

Monica Cook

Dustin Forster

Lyle Ashton Harris

Benjamin Sabatier

Michel Verjux

Avi Gitler

Micheal Cohen

Jaouad Oudhriri

Tom Coggrave and Rupa Sarkar

Stacey and Brad Bolnick

Séra Ing 

Maryann Santos

David Darts

Bruno Trentini

Agnès Foiret

Eric Rondepiere 

Alain Declerq

Paris 1 - La Sorbonne


Brooklyn Bridge Park

Central Park Conservancy

New York Mayors Office

Film Emporium

Shot On Location in Paris & New York City

DVD Box Sculptures for the feature film RECONCILIATION - 2015

(click any image to see details)

City Sculpture for the feature film RECONCILIATION - 2014



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